Monday, January 23, 2012

You've Got Mail Mondays

I was a popular girl with the postman this week. He stuffed my mailbox full of great things, and when it wouldn't all fit he left it on my front porch.

In the world of books, I received:

Jekyll Says...Good Deeds Cats Do, That You Should Too! by D.C. Blackbird. It's rhyming book that encourages good habits and behavior. This is a book for a February VBT. I enjoyed reading it.

Surprisingly, I also received a copy of Girl Meets Boy: Because There are Two Sides to Every Story edited by Kelly Milner Halls. I am participating in this tour for Chronicle Books. I wasn't scheduled to review it, so I'll offer it as a giveaway.

Mr. Postman was also kind enough to deliver a Highlights HIDDEN PICTURES PLAYGROUND® book order form. These are new for 2012 and include their most popular feature. According to the website, there are 4 books, which you can buy as a set. The offer I received, allowed me to preview the first book risk free, and then accept new books as they are sent.

The girls were thrilled to see the new Justice catalog arrive. The Lil Diva and Lil Princess love their clothes. There's definitely some cute stuff in this one. I liked this floral crochet tiered bandeau top they featured on the back cover. Thankfully they included two 40% off gift cards in the catalog. I can't afford to clothe two girls on what they regularly charge.

The new Seventh Avenue® catalog arrived. I've never bought anything from them, but they have some beautiful items for your home. Have any of you used them in the past? What was your experience like?

The Men's Land's End catalog made it here on Saturday. I'm willing to spend more on clothes for my hubby and me since we don't change sizes all that often. I bargain shop with them as much as I can. I've found winter hats for the girls for as little as $3.

I haven't received one of these in a while, but Saturday also brought along a Laura David Consumer Research Center survey. I'll probably fill it out. Who wouldn't want a chance to win $10,000.

Anything exciting in your mailbox this week?

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