Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tunes Tuesday

I wanted to touch upon a contemporary artist that my daughters and I enjoy, but it seems a challenge for the modern-day mom is finding music that isn't vulgar or obscene, and whose video doesn't include nearly naked or totally naked people.

I settled on Selena Gomez and her song Love You Like a Love Song. While it's hard to not think every love song is about her famous boyfriend, Justin Bieber, I love Selena's upbeat music and how she still manages to keep things clean for her tween audience. Her racy wardrobe has some wondering if she's growing up too fast, like her Disney pal Miley Cyrus, but overall I think her music and look is staying true to her fan base.

Our daughters have danced to some of her music (Naturally, Round and Round) for recitals and their iPods are loaded with Selena tunes. It will be very interesting to see where her career goes from her. A talented actress and singer with her own line of clothing, it seems like the world is wide open for her.

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