Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tunes Tuesday

It's another Tunes Tuesday. Cue the cheerleaders!

Okay, I'm feeling a bit silly. I just got word from my publisher that the cover art for my next book, A Christmas Kindness, is in progress and an editor has been assigned to the project. I'm excited.

It's been a few years since I've attended a Gaithers concert, but it's always a good time. God has blessed them with such energy. I don't think I could keep up a tour schedule like they do. One of my favorite artists from the group is David Phelps. That man has the most beautiful voice. A couple of years ago, my husband bought his One Wintry Night CD. I keep it in  my car around Christmastime, so I can listen to it often.

My favorite David Phelps song is "End of the Beginning," which is included on his album David Phelps. I can't imagine anyone hearing this song and not being moved by it.

This video looks like it's one of the tours with the Gaithers. I think that's Bill Gaither changing seats in the background when David begins to sing.

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