Monday, January 16, 2012

You've Got Mail Mondays!

Where does the time go? We're back for another You've Got Mail Monday. Not too much from Mr. Postman this week, and no books. That rarely happens.

Early in the week we received an envelope from the Creative Girls Club. I've received mailings from them maybe once a year and I keep toying with signing up the girls. The Lil Diva and the Lil Princess love arts and crafts. They attend an arts and crafts camp each summer and the past two years they've taken a scrapbooking camp in August. Sometimes the Parks and Rec Department in town offers art classes from Let's Gogh Art, but it's been a while since I've seen one.

According to the mailing, you can sign up your daughter ages 7 through 12, and they will ship the first two kits for only $1.99 each (plus postage and processing) , a savings of 80% off the regular non-member price. After that, two new kits are mailed every six weeks at a cost of only $8.99 each, plus postage and processing.  Also included in the envelope I received is a book titled, Wellspring Magic by Jan Fields.

Has anyone ever signed their daughter up for this club? What did you think of it?

You can tell garden planning season is on our minds right now. This week also brought The Gardener's Idea Book from Proven Winners. I'm guessing I must have signed up for something online because I've been receiving emails from them too. While I'll probably never have a garden that looks like those pictured in this book, it's still great for inspiration. I would love to put a small pond in at the corner of the backyard.

Proving that social media is a hot topic, The Wilbraham-Hampden Times had a blurb about a Social Media Workshop being sponsored by the Boston Road Business Association (BRBA). Its focus was to help local businesses learn how to use social media as a recruitment tool.

Another article that caught my eye is the start up of a new writing group at the Hampden Free Public Library. I had inquired about a writing group in town early on when I left Corporate America to embark upon  my writing career, but there wasn't one at the time and the Adult Services Librarian said they didn't usually last long. I wonder if this new group in our neighboring community will inspire the writers of our town to start a group.

That's pretty much it this week--unless you want me to go through my junk mail. There's always plenty of that!

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