Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tunes Tuesday

Perhaps I am like many of you. Whitney Houston and her family have been on my mind lately. Late Saturday evening, I sat down to check the news and was shocked to see that Houston had passed away. I don't think shocked quite covers it, actually. Floored, stunned, dazed, I'm not sure those even come close. If the news that day had stated David Lee Roth grew two extra heads and finally hung up his leather pants, I would have found that more believable.

I think it all boils down to my feeling deep inside that Houston had an amazing comeback in her future. Yes, she had a history of drug abuse, and she seemed to lose her way during the years she was married to Bobby Brown, but she was one of the most talented artists in the industry. I've spent the past few days viewing videos on YouTube from her earlier years. I've been listening to her music on Spotify while I work. She combined beauty and grace with an amazing voice. The way she carried herself also made her different from celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Amy Winehouse, whose latest woes are/were always headline news.

For Tunes Tuesday I would like to honor Whitney Houston and her music. I've chosen this video because it's the first one I ever saw. In addition, I think it captures Houston how one report recently described her. While Houston had tons of sex appeal, it was always about the music. I have to go back to the grace and dignity that she exhibited to her adoring fans. In an industry that lately seems to focus more on the wild and raunchy, Houston stands out like Grace Kelly did on the silver screen.

We'll miss you, Whitney. Rest in peace.

Do you have a favorite Whtiney Houston song?

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