Friday, February 17, 2012

Solid Wood Dart Cabinet Set Adds Elegance to Your Game Room

The hubby and I are in the process of considering what would be the best way to finish off the basement. We have ample space, and we’re thinking it would be easiest to spend most of our time entertaining there once the remodel is complete. In talking with the contractor and architect, we’ve decided it’s a large enough space for an open room that is divided into an area for the kids and an area for the adults.

What I thought would go nicely with the flat screen TV and the bar, would be this Solid Wood Dart Cabinet Set. This attractive, high-quality cabinet is made of 1/2 inch thick North American yellow poplar hardwood that is stained with a beautiful dark cherry finish. I’ve always loved the look of dark cherry, and it would provide a nice contrast against the light colored walls.

Open the doors and you’ll find a regulation 18.5 Inch Bristle Dart Board with removable ring to ensure the long life of your board, two pub-style chalk scoreboards for playing cricket and 01, and two sets of steel tip brass darts with American Flag and British Flag flights.

This stylish cabinet stores and protects the board when not in use, and keeps stray tips from damaging your walls during play. On the inside of the doors you’ll find a place to store chalk and darts.

I can just imagine the fun we’ll have with our friends the first night we’re able to entertain in our new room.

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Dartboard Cabinet Dimensions: 25.5'' H x 22'' W x 3.5'' D

This post sponsored by PoolGear Plus.

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