Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Romance Novel Month: Stand & Deliver Your Heart by Killarney Sheffield

Mistress Sarah was once a woman of promise, until a greedy relative left her to fend for herself on the cold, hard streets of London. Now she does the only thing she can to survive and care for those she has sworn to protect.

Lord Byron Cobbett has given up on life after the death of his beloved fiancee. On a trip to London to clear his family's name he is involved in a carriage accident.

Sarah gets more than she bargains for when she unwittingly rescues Byron. She must find a way to convince him to keep her secret. Can she allow her self to love him and still keep her promise? Will Byron stand and deliver his heart to the auburn haired bandit and risk his own freedom?


Another fork of lightning lit up the sky, and she wondered if the weather was an omen of terrible things to come. She tried to keep from stiffening in the cold, flexing her limbs slowly so as not to spook their nervous mounts. Her horse shifted its weight, lowering its head away from the pelting rain.

Sarah listened for any sound indicating an approaching carriage. Where is it? Has the driver turned around and headed back to London because of the storm? Maybe we are wasting our time sitting out here in the rain. Perhaps the lady in question is not coming.

Just when she was about to give up, the mare lifted her head, ears pricked forward.

Sarah listened closely. After a few tense moments the sound of jingling harnesses and the rattle of an approaching coach made itself heard over the wind and rain.

“All right men, here she comes,” she whispered over her shoulder. “Get ready.”


"Killarney Sheffield delivers an entertaining and memorable romance when she throws her characters Mistress Sarah and Lord Byron Cobbett together. She introduces us to London’s squalor, the highwayman’s desperate plight, the thrill of a midnight ride, storms, passion, betrayal, violent death, trust, the King’s business, embezzled monies, prison, corporeal punishment, family intrigue and betrayal… and weaves them into a fast paced journey. Oh, and her heroine is as feisty as she is determined to succeed, and her hero must decide if there is something to live for in life other than his grief. The twists to this plot provide more than just the expected romance traits, giving a deeper level of complexity and drama to a risky relationship. Killarney tells a gripping tale. Mistress Sarah and Lord Byron Cobbett make great characters to bring to life the gritty reality of life on the streets of Regency London and the tightrope tension of living under the scrutiny of the King."


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Killarney Sheffield is the mother of five, married 15 yrs to a retired dairy farmer and currently resides in Alberta on a beef farm. When she's not writing she likes showing her thoroughbred stallion (nicknamed Love Monkey), gardening, camping, listening to her iPod and even playing a little Guitar Hero with her kids.

Visit her online at http://author-killarney-sheffield.spruz.com/  and http://www.museituppublishing.com.

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