Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Beginning of the Year To-Do List Update

Here is my second update for this week:
  • Set my goals for 2019: writing, real estate, and personal. Deadline 1/2. First things, first. DONE - look for another post about goals this week.
  • Finalize my 2019 Business Plan. Deadline 1/11. DONE 
  • Finalize my President's Award application and submit it to my office for review. Deadline 1/10. DONE
  • Complete three marketing proposals. Deadline 1/6.
  • Write all my known meetings and vacation days into my work calendar. Meetings are in, blogging dates are in, and some time off is in. 
  • Put together my 2019 vision board. DONE - check it out on Facebook
  • Pack for NYC. We are taking a short trip into the city. Deadline 1/3.
  • Start reading books for January virtual book tours. The first one is coming to NYC with me for the drive down and back. 
  • Start my Read Through the Bible in a Year with a Chronological Bible Reading Plan. You can join us here. Two days strong. LOL! 
How are you doing with your weekly to-do list? What is the most important thing you wish to accomplish this week?

1 comment:

  1. I hope you continue to have a strong year in checking off your goals.