Friday, January 8, 2016

New Year's Resolution Solution - Post Day 5

I didn't even have the strength to take a picture of my workout today. LOL! Day 5 was a tough one simply because my work schedule was crazier than it has been all week.

Breakfast was quick because I had an early appointment--Greek yogurt and some walnuts with a cup a decaf tea. Snack was walnuts and raisins because they were easy to take on the road with me. Grabbed a salad and water on the road this afternoon and didn't have an afternoon snack because I had another appointment. 

The Lil' Princess made supper for me tonight--tilapia and rice. Chomped some carrots before sitting down and drank more water, so it was a nicely balanced meal. 

Workout was horrible. Focused on abs again, which are still aching from Monday; though not as bad as they were. I couldn't do three sets of all the exercises, but I am working out more than ever before so I am happy with my progress. 

Thank God it's the weekend!

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