Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Year's Resolution Solution Part 2

It's been an interesting week as far as the New Year's Resolution Solution Part 2 goes. I've only worked out two days because the doctor diagnosed me with tennis elbow and my work schedule has been nuts. Bummer! I can still workout, but I need to be careful. If there is any pain, I need to stop. So, no lifting weights because that kills and no planks because that doesn't feel good either.

The exciting news is this:

Doctor's visit on 12/29/15: weight 124 lb 6.4 oz, BP 120/70, Pulse 64 and BMI 23.13.

Yesterday's visit: weight 117 lb. 9.6 oz, BP 94/62, Pulse 60 and BMI 21.86.

My blood pressure always runs low, so I was surprised when it was up at the end of December. Not sure if it had something to do with the infection I was fighting.

Many people have asked me why I am working out and watching what I eat. They don't see me as overweight. Here's the scoop:

I spent the majority of my life underweight. It wasn't until I had the Lil' Princess that I kept ten extra pounds. Then I got older and then I started with menopause. The last few years I've been close to the top of the normal scale for my height and I simply didn't like my BMI number.

In addition, when tracking my cholesterol numbers and blood pressure over the last few years, I've noticed them creeping up. Not to mention I can see the slow changes in my body: rounder middle, bloating, thicker legs and arms, and flabby skin. Toss in the osteopenia and I knew I had to make some lifestyle changes.

I've cheated a couple times this week: a soda or two and a pastry today. I don't feel well when I do it, so I can see my body is getting used to my eating healthier foods and drinking more water. That will definitely help, because when you feel better, you want to continue the habits that are making you feel good.

Keeping on track with the workout is tough because it's the first thing to go when my schedule gets busy. I want to stick to it, though, because I can see the results.

Wishing me luck!

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