Friday, January 8, 2016

New Year's Resolution Solution - Post Day 4

Yes, that's me. I've totally collapsed and decided to take a snooze on my exercise mat. Well, not really. It made for a great photo, though.

It has been such a hard, hard week: getting the kids off to school on time then rushing home to make breakfast; working out--which I haven't done in years in case I didn't mention that before; hopping in the shower real quick and then getting myself off to the office or appointments.

I am so sore! Everything hurts. First day I worked abs. Second day it was arms. Third day was buttocks. Today was the "Wake up! and make it happen" routine with reps of burpees (had no idea this was an exercise), push ups, mountain climbers, and planks.

My chicken arms aren't meant for push ups and planks. What are these people thinking?

Today's breakfast was oatmeal with bananas and walnuts with a cup of decaf tea. Lunch ended up being a salad from Subway, then supper was a small portion of homemade Shepherd's Pie and a side salad. Had water to drink both times and drank water throughout the day. With a couple of healthy snacks in between meals I was full. I did cheat and have one waffle since I made them for the hubby's dinner. Other than that I was good.

No idea what the exercise routine will be tomorrow, but every time I need to go up or down the stairs it is horrible. Hopefully by next week my legs won't hate me so much.

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