Thursday, January 23, 2020

Task List Update

Working hard to check off as much as I can this week.

  • Daily Bible reading - On track
  • Log food in Lose it! daily - On track
  • Maintain planner daily - On track 
  • Meeting Tuesday - Done
  • Start real estate bootcamp Tuesday - Not quite
  • Meeting Wednesday - Done
  • Grocery shop Monday and meal plan - Done
  • Finish extra material for A Christmas Kindness - Planned for Saturday
  • Edit next two chapters of project - Planned for Sunday
  • Copy edits for Dust of Lies - Pending next round of edits
  • Exercise Saturday and Sunday (Every day I am striving for 5,000 steps)
  • Bylaws meeting Friday
  • Take health assessment for insurance
  • Clean the bonus room - Probably next week
  • Organize spice and herb shelf in pantry - Not yet

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