Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Task It Tuesday - January 30

Originally created by The Geeky Blogger, Task It Tuesday is a weekly meme to help you--and me--get things done. The challenge is to post a a task or list of tasks you want to complete before next Tuesday. These tasks can help you with your blogging life, reading life, personal or professional life.

By next week, I hope to add a Linkup list, but for today just leave your comments in the comment box. If you decide to join in, then add a link to your blog and I'll pay you a visit.

This week I have two tasks I would like to accomplish before next Tuesday:

  1. Finish cleaning out the cookbook cabinet I started on Sunday. Go through the rest of the recipes and toss what I don't want and organize the cookbooks and baking accessories. 
  2. Make more headway on the Bonus Room clean up. My goal is to have all the trash gone and toys tucked where they belong. Then we can began the challenging task of donating what we no longer want. 
How about you? What would you like to accomplish this week? 

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