Monday, January 22, 2018

Stitch Fix - My First Fix

Have you ever wanted a personal stylist? Never really thought it would be my thing, but after my first Fix, I am convinced it is right up my alley.

My personal stylist, Ashley, sent me five items hand selected for me to try. Here's how Stitch Fix® works.

  1. After an online survey where you provide measurements, likes, price range, and other detailed information, a personal stylist chooses five items that are shipped to you. 
  2. You pay a $20 stylist fee for your shipment.
  3. When the box arrives, you have three days to decide what you want to keep and what you want to ship back. 
  4. Included in the box is a postage paid envelope for returns. 
  5. After you try on all your goodies and decide what stays and what--if anything--goes, you visit their website and provide feedback on the items and then feedback on the Fix overall. This feedback will be used to improve the selections for future Fixes. 
  6. You pay for your order. If you keep all five items Stitch Fix gives you a discount. No matter how many items you decide to keep, the $20 stylist fee is deducted from your total cost. If you send everything back, the $20 stylist fee is all you pay.

Also included in your Fix box are tear out cards that include two outfit suggestions for each piece.

For my first Fix, I kept the Kut from the Kloth Rose Bootcut Pant. The price tag hurt a bit ($78), but I loved the fit and look of these pants and I will use them all the time for work.

The second item I kept is the Marc New York Stellana Puffer Vest. Loved the look of this vest. Again, more than I wish to spend on myself ($68), but I didn't have to wonder if it would look good after I bought it online somewhere else and I didn't have to go to the dreaded mall.

Total spent was $146 minus the $20 stylist fee = $126. I don't consider that a bad deal when I know I'll wear the pants every week and the vest can be used in spring and fall.

Now, the Stellana Puffer Vest is sold on Amazon in my size for $50, but my time is worth something. I didn't have to browse around the internet trying to find a vest I like, then wonder before it arrives what it will look like when it gets here. And Stitch Fix makes returns a breeze: simply toss it in your postage paid bag and drop it off. In addition, I rarely spend money on my own wardrobe, even though I work in a professional job. This forces me to expand my horizons and probably try styles and brands I never would have on my own.

I've already scheduled my February Fix. When you pay for your order, it automatically sets you up to receive your next Fix. The best thing--you can provide some information for your stylist about what you're looking for in your next Fix. I told Ashley what is hot on my list to find. I'm excited to see what the next box will look like.

Have you ever tried Stitch Fix? What did you think?

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