Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Task it Tuesday - July 28

Originally created by The Geeky Blogger, Task it Tuesday is a weekly meme to help you--and me--get things done. The challenge is to post a task or list of tasks you want to complete before next Tuesday. These tasks can help you with your blogging life, reading life, personal or professional life.

Welcome back to Tuesday. Last week presented a challenge for me. I simply didn't feel like doing anything. I'm not sure why. Here is what I accomplished:
  • Daily Bible reading - DONE
  • Weed garden
  • Update planner - DONE
  • Three doctor's appointments - DONE
  • WriteAngles meeting - DONE
  • Walk three days - DONE
  • Start Strong from the Heart by Jon Land for August review - Reading now
  • Continue cleaning bonus room
  • Finish chapter 2 of The Sisterhood  - DONE
Overall, I had a great week. I just didn't feel motivated. 

This week, my real estate workload should be manageable, but I definitely need to prospect more. Here is what else I have on tap:

  • Daily Bible reading
  • Update planner
  • Weed garden
  • One meeting
  • Visit with my sister from out of state
  • Walk three days
  • Complete Strong from the Heart by Jon Land for August review
  • Continue cleaning bonus room
  • Write next chapter of The Sisterhood
What does your to-do list look like? Did you accomplish all you wanted to last week? How do you celebrate when you check something off your to-do list?

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