Friday, July 17, 2020

An Imperfect Christian Mom's COVID-19 Diary #13

Have you ever felt defeated? Not hopeless or angry, but downright defeated? Welcome to my world.

I am tired of asking for help cleaning the house while I try to balance home and work responsibilities. I am tired of being the only one who cooks or does laundry. You know who I have to blame for that? The person I see in the mirror.

In my desire to provide the girls a carefree childhood, I skipped over the importance of chores. By the time I tried to reverse that issue, they were no longer interested in being mama's little helpers. 

Now, I have to beg, cry, and sometimes scream to get help. Their rooms look like war zones. The bonus room is a disaster area. It seems no one cares about a clean house other than me. I try to ignore it, but the mess drives me crazy.

After a busy day, someone else cooking supper would be lovely. What would it feel like if I came home to clean laundry or vacuumed floors?

This week, I started a new Bible plan title Finding Peace by Charles Stanley. Yesterday's devotional was particularly helpful. It discussed the 5 Essential Beliefs for a Peaceful Heart. I might just read that for a few days to see if I can refocus my heart and mind on what's important.

What do you do to find peace?

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