Monday, June 17, 2019

Mailbox Monday - Jun 17

Mailbox Monday is a meme started by Marcia of To Be Continued. Mailbox Monday is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came in their mailbox during the last week. It now has a permanent home at the Mailbox Monday blog.

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a nice weekend. We took my father-in-law and his two boys out to dinner for Father's Day. It was nice to get together after a few weeks apart. Usually there are eleven of us, but my son and his wife couldn't make it.

This was an exciting week. The Lil' Diva received a scholarship and I received an award from the Realtor board. 

Work has been busy. I should have a listing coming up soon, and then two or three more once we return from the Outer Banks in July.

On the book front, there was nothing in my physical mailbox, but I picked up the first book in the Tempe Crabtree Mystery Series by Marilyn Meredith while it was free for Kindle. 

When I started this series, I was probably about six books in. That's around when I had started blogging in 2007. I've been meaning to go back and read the earlier versions. Though I have this in paperback, having it on the Kindle Fire will make it easier to read. 

What was in your mailbox? Are you looking forward to any summer reads? 


  1. Congratulations on your award - that's quite an achievement!

  2. Your Father's Day celebration sounds wonderful, and congrats to you and the Little Diva on your awards.

    I haven't read a book by Marilyn Meredith in a while...this one looks good. She is one of the Central California authors I've met at group activities over the years.

    Enjoy your week.

  3. Thanks, Bermudaonion. I was very pleased. There is a great team of support for me, so that makes all the difference.

    Thanks, Laurel. She has worked really hard. I love Marilyn's work. I had hoped to fly out there one day to meet her, but the budget doesn't seem to allow for that.

    Hope you both have a great week.

  4. Nice to have such a family gathering.
    Congrats on the award -- well done! And congrats to your daughter for the scholarship too.
    The Meredith series sounds good. I'm with you that it can be easier/quicker to read an ebook.
    Happy Reading!

  5. Thanks for visiting, Martha. I hope all is well. Appreciate the congratulations.

  6. Kindle freebies are great. It's hard to pass up on them. Congratulations on your realtor of the year award. My son is in real estate so I understand how hard you work.

  7. Congrats on your award! Enjoy your book and the weekend too. I am finishing up a few crime reads myself for virtual book tours.