Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Task it Tuesday - April 9

Originally created by The Geeky Blogger, Task It Tuesday is a weekly meme to help you--and me--get things done. The challenge is to post a task or list of tasks you want to complete before next Tuesday. These tasks can help you with your blogging life, reading life, personal or professional life.

We have come back around to Tuesday again. It was a good week and I managed a few things on my list. Everything feels a bit off, though, because we haven't found a new church. Sunday used to be my favorite day of the week, but now nothing seems right. I keep praying for guidance. I'm sure it will come when the time is right.

So, what did I accomplish last week?

  • Stayed ahead of schedule with reading the Bible
  • Had a great coaching call on Thursday that left me with some new ideas
  • Finished Chapter 21 of Amelia's Mission and presented it to my writing group yesterday

The tasks I didn't get to will go back on the list for this week. Here is what the list looks like:

  • Daily Bible reading 
  • Stick to my 5-5-5-5 plan for reaching out to more people: 5 calls, 5 texts, 5 emails and 5 handwritten notes every day 
  • Time block my calendar 
  • Send out Spring cleaning letter
  • Find two agents for Clever Tom
  • Write query letter for Clever Tom
  • Set up ballet barre in bonus room
  • Set out bag of donations for Wednesday
  • Schedule appointments
That's it for me. What are some tasks you're looking to accomplish this week?

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