Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Task It Tuesday

Originally created by The Geeky Blogger, Task It Tuesday is a weekly meme to help you--and me--get things done. The challenge is to post a task or list of tasks you want to complete before next Tuesday. These tasks can help you with your blogging life, reading life, personal or professional life.

Lost almost a whole day yesterday, so this week is going to be kind of busy--especially with the impending snow. Both kids will probably end up with early dismissal and who knows if we will have school on Wednesday. I'm hoping we go for the two-hour delay, but it depends on when the snow and lovely ice stop.

As for my to-do list, I haven't had time to dig into my planner, so this is a guess.
  • Daily Bible reading 
  • Stick to my 5-5-5-5 plan for reaching out to more people: 5 calls, 5 texts, 5 emails and 5 handwritten notes every day. This is so hard, but it needs to be done.
  • Time block my calendar 
  • Exercise Wednesday and Friday
  • Update CRM - slated for Wednesday (I hope I get it done this week. I have a mailing I want to get out at the beginning of March.)
  • Create a marketing proposal. 
  • Help the Lil' Diva clean out her room to get ready for her new bedroom set.
What does your to-do list look like this week? Anything you especially want to tackle?

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