Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Task It Tuesday - Feb 19

Originally created by The Geeky Blogger, Task It Tuesday is a weekly meme to help you--and me--get things done. The challenge is to post a task or list of tasks you want to complete before next Tuesday. These tasks can help you with your blogging life, reading life, personal or professional life.

My, oh my, it has been a busy little place around here. We have decided to do some redecorating and that means more cleaning in the middle of working. Oh, well, it  must be done.

Here is what this week's to-do list looks like:

  • Daily Bible reading
  • Stick to my 5-5-5-5 plan for reaching out to more people: 5 calls, 5 texts, 5 emails and 5 handwritten notes every day. This is so hard, but it needs to be done.
  • Time block my calendar
  • Exercise Thursday and Friday
  • Update CRM - slated for Wednesday (In progress)
  • Create a marketing proposal.
  • Find an agent to which to submit Clever Tom 

What does your to-do list look like this week?


  1. looks like you have a good list and you're making progress. My list includes daily yoga, which I missed yesterday and Sunday. Too many kid activities and getting home later than expected.

    other than that I have work projects I'm juggling, while hoping for time to write poems and finish my children's story I've been working on (my first).

  2. Making time for writing can be tough, especially if you've got a lot else going on. There are days I simply can't string two words together because I am too tired. Good luck!