Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Shadow Lake by Chainbooks Authors

When it’s time to retire from the Chicago Police Department, Cliff Morgan decides to leave big city life behind and settle in a picturesque small town in upstate Wisconsin. After an invitation from his old friend and partner, Ben Jackson, Cliff drives to Shadow Lake in search of serenity, relaxation, and all the comforts that retirement affords. But soon Cliff realizes that Shadow Lake, and the residents of this quaint little town, share a series of deadly secrets that span several generations. As a former police detective he’s up to the challenge, but does he really want to delve into the past? And if he does, who can he trust?

Shadow Lake is a tale of mystery and murder--the brainchild of twenty-three different authors who have joined together to write it. In the end, the outcome is just as twisted and complex as the unpredictable people and bizarre events that are…Shadow Lake.

Chainbooks is an online social networking site dedicated to the promotion of literacy via book authorship. Shadow Lake is chainbooks’ initial publication and the five-month collaborative effort of twenty-three authors from three countries. The authors had no prior knowledge of the chapter that would precede their own and had only five days to complete their submissions, making it even more challenging. They hope you enjoy the book, and invite you to join them to finish what others have started—literally. Join them at chainbooks.com.


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