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Book Spotlight: Traegonia the Sunbow Prophecy by K.S. Krueger

Do you believe in Fairies, Sprites, Elves or Gnomes?

Just because we cannot see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist….

Welcome to The World of Traegonia where mystical things really do happen. Close your eyes hold out your hand and allow the spirit of the Sunbow Prophecy to draw you into a place you have never been before. Meet a community of unknown creatures who are the protectors of the Earth. See how they bring hope to a seemingly hopeless situation, a home to those who are at risk of losing theirs and a voice to creatures who cannot speak for themselves. Watch as three young friends work together to bring about change. No matter how big or how small one is, belief and passion can change the world. Choose to see the beauty in that which is different. Put aside the fear of what you do not understand and you just may find something truly special in the gifts that others hold. What they have to share could just be the thing to change your life or maybe even the world.

Dino, an average boy from the Midwest, has a fateful encounter with two young Traegons, in a local forest. Traegons are sixteen inch tall forest dwelling creatures that resemble a cross between a troll and a wingless dragon. Looking beyond outward appearances, Dino chooses to find out more about them and discovers friendship in this most unlikely meeting. When the home of the Traegons, becomes threatened by an unscrupulous developer, Dino and his new friends Karia and Juna, must work together to stop the destruction that looms. An ancient Traegonian Prophecy is revealed and these three friends find that their friendship is the key that sets the prophecy in motion. Follow them as the adventure unfolds and the World of Traegonia is unveiled. Learn of this incredible world within our own and you decide… is it real?

Do you Believe?

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Traegons are a community of beings who live in a place known only to them as Traegonia. You will not find this place on any map, for it is everywhere and it is nowhere. In some regions of Traegonia, their land is covered with huge trees, which provide them everything necessary for their survival. They make their homes deep within the forest in caves, old hollowed-out trees, and beneath the earth. Their homes are simple; furnished with items they make themselves and those that they trade with others within their community. Occasionally, they find strange items within the boundaries of their land, which they enjoy incorporating into their home décor as well as in their personal embellishments. Everything comes from the earth and is honored and held sacred. They live simple lives, with complete respect for the land and all that surrounds them; never hoarding their natural resources and ensuring that the needs of those in their community are met. Their food consists of different types of small game, assorted insects, and that which comes forth from the earth’s surface. They work together to ensure that no one goes hungry.

At first appearance, they can seem a bit frightening, but once you have peered into their wise and kind eyes, that speculation quickly dwindles. Standing two feet at their tallest, they have quite a grand presence. Each has their own interesting personality and developed skills, and holds their own place within the community. They live a peaceful co-existence with the earth, all of nature, and each other, free from war and hatred. They are quite intelligent and cunning though, which I suspect is how they have managed to remain hidden and undiscovered.

Uncivilized in appearance only, they are a rare group who have much to teach, living what we might consider, ‘the old ways’. How long they have lived is a mystery, but their culture and existence gives much to be explored. Where exactly they dwell, I will never divulge, as I made a promise long ago. Though they have recently informed me that now is the time for me to share my knowledge of them with others, in the hopes that we as people, thought to be truly civilized, might benefit from their teachings. Of course, they know that we exist, they have known for a very long time, as we have not been as discrete. They worry though, about the impact of our actions upon the earth and ultimately upon ourselves. They have now given me permission to tell their story, or at least parts of it. Their kindness and willingness to share their wisdom, even at the risk of being discovered, has given me the strength to try as best as I am able to tell their story. I was quite young when I first discovered them, or maybe I should say when they discovered me…

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"The book has a very special mission of dispersing the message of the importance protecting the earth and its creatures. It’s a book for the believers as well as the achievers; a creative tribute to the efforts of the mankind in this direction. The mystery lovers would love it and keep asking for more. The reader has to keep guessing till the end for the mysteries have more to them than what meets the eyes. The end is very special as it sends a chill down the spine and the whole story just flashbacks with a new meaning to it. I would leave it to the readers to understand this new meaning attached… Krueger can we have more please…"

–Sweta, Bookreviews for Booklovers by Booklovers

"I love how this book sent out really, really good messages to young children...I think this would be a great read for any age..."

--YA Books All The Way! see the entire video review at


Although her background has been in business, K.S. Krueger has always loved to write. She has written poetry and several children’s stories originally for her eldest daughter. Kim enjoys the idea of seeing the world through the eyes of her imagination and finds herself submerged in the worlds she creates. Imagination has never been in short supply ever since she was a child.

Because her Traegonia series rides a fine line between fantasy and reality, it calls each reader to decide for themselves if they BELIEVE! Kim has always believed that when you find something you truly love to do, even if you think it is just a dream, find your passion, the gift that is within you, believe in yourself and follow that dream. “Let yourself be open to the possibilities that await. You never know where they might take you.”
 Kim is a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. She is a writer, businesswoman, Reiki practitioner and spiritual person. She loves animals, nature and kids. Kim has lived in the Suburbs of Chicago all her life. She is creative and always tries to foster creativity in her own children as well as in others. You can visit Kim’s website at

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