Sunday, February 7, 2016

New Year's Resolution Update

As you know, I made a resolution this year to exercise and eat better. As such, I joined a Facebook group that offers workout routines, recipe ideas, and other helpful tips to keep me on track.

The first two weeks of challenges were successful. I joined another challenge this past week, but failed miserably. I only managed to get two workout days in. Now, my goal was to exercise three days a week when the new year started, but I've been doing better than that. It wasn't until this hectic week that things fell apart. Looks like some fine-tuning of the schedule is in order.

The good thing is that eating healthy foods is becoming easier. Over the past five weeks less junk foods and processed foods have made it into the shopping cart and more fruits and vegetables and organic foods have been brought home.

Even though it is impossible for me to make things ahead on the weekend (Realtors work weekends), I can usually make one or two meals and use them throughout the week to stay on track. I also keep the refrigerator stocked with Greek yogurt for snacks. I usually boil seven eggs all at once, so I can add some protein to my breakfast. 

This week I want to focus on getting back to exercising five days and drinking more water. 

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