Friday, February 12, 2016

New Year's Resolution Update: Why Is It So Hard to Stay the Course?

Why? All I want to know is why it is so hard to stay the course? I've participated in three Beachbody challenges so far, and with each one my participation lessens. Here are some things that are interfering with my success. Maybe writing it down will help get me back in the game.

Reason 1: Hectic Schedule

When I started working on my goal of eating better and exercising, my real estate business was on a brief hiatus. I had worked hard all year, so by the end of November I needed a break and wanted to spend more time with the family for the holidays. 

Real estate is notoriously slow at the end of the year and into the winter, so no big deal. Well, that didn't last. Not only did I sign up some new buyers, I'm really busy because the spring market is coming. So, my mornings are usually dedicated to marketing. 

The kids also went back to school and all their activities after New Year's Day, increasing demands on my time.

Reason 2: Tennis Elbow

It seems I have developed tennis elbow in my writing arm. The doctor says I need to reduce how much I use it, especially texting. Um, did I mention this is my writing arm? Oh, and we real estate agents spend a good part of our day texting and emailing. 

At this point, I can't lift anything heavy with my right arm. I have a brace, so that helps, but lifting weights is out of the question. 

Reason 3: Bummed Out

If you checked out my Facebook page, you'll see I won a sales award. In my first full year of selling real estate I was Top Selling Agent in my office one month and took home the Realtor Association of Pioneer Valley's Bronze President's Award. 


There was this one other award that I was eligible for, and I was only eligible for it this year. I didn't win. I'm really bummed. There were many reasons I wanted this award, but someone else beat me. Actually, I don't know where my sales were compared to the other newcomers in our area because they don't tell us.

I'm thrilled for the winner, but I didn't realize how much I wanted to win until I lost. 

Reason 4: Overwhelmed

I've really tried to focus on giving of my time and talents the past couple of years. At this point, I am simply stretched thinner than a thong bikini over an elephant's bottom. I dropped one committee this week and one of my commitments ends this spring. That will certainly help, but I need to take some time to assess what I am involved in and why,

Promise to myself for next week:

  • I am going to get back to time blocking and writing my exercise time in my calendar.
  • I am going to follow up with the doctor to see if physical therapy is in order.
  • I will let the loss of that coveted award go. I must look forward, not back.
  • I will start assessing my volunteer commitments. 
  • I will start drinking more water again.

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