Friday, September 22, 2017

A Christian Mom's Thoughts on The Star Movie 2017

I was browsing through the October issue of CBA Christian Market online magazine and saw this cute animated movie announcement for The Star: The Story of the First Christmas. I was about to promote it on my website, but then I looked at the above trailer and now feel very mixed about it: think Shrek landed in Biblical times and you get what I'm talking about.

While I know other Biblical events have been portrayed in a lighter way (Prince of Egypt), the birth of our Savior should be treated with greater reverence than that. Silly camels, birds shaking their booties, Mary offering to give the donkey a belly rub, etc. feel out of place to me.

Maybe I'm taking this too seriously. If this portrayal of the first Christmas brings more people into the Church, who am I too complain? It's just that a Christian's journey is a big commitment. It's a conscious choice. It's not a joke. While there is much joy, faith doesn't take away your hardships. It doesn't always even make them easier to handle--it should if you're able to have 100% faith, but that's not always the case. Faith is a journey of growth. It's slowly learning to give up control of your life to God and knowing that He will bring you through your trials just as much as He brings you blessings. If we draw people in with this half way approach, will they have the strength to stick with it when the times are tough?

Is it wise to trivialize faith? Is it fair to trivialize it? And again, am I'm making too big a deal out of this? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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