Thursday, April 21, 2016

Vacation Week Antics

School is out! The Lil' Diva and the Lil' Princess have happily been on vacation this week. With Dad in London on business, that means the girls and I are hanging out and getting into all kinds of trouble.

We started the week off at church. It was lovely outside, so we had our Sunday school lesson in the yard. 

Then the Lil' Diva attempted to show me how to take a proper selfie. Most of her shots are with half a face, but I don't see why anyone would want to see half of me. 

The great thing about school vacation is we treat ourselves to eating out. This usually leads to more picture taking.

The Lil' Princess decided to buy herself a new toy. Check out her trampoline! The girls and their friends worked hard to put it together. I had to help with the safety net and tying the net down, but everything else they handled. Notice the Lil' Diva acting as the supervisor.

We had plenty of sleepovers. This afternoon we met up with family and my sister-in-law took the Lil' Princess home with her. She'll have fun at their place until Saturday entertaining the Lil' Nephew.

It's also been a work week for me. I kept my schedule light so I could concentrate on the girls, but I'm still out showing houses. Tomorrow will be my busiest day. 

Thankfully, Dad will be home from London tomorrow night. We've missed him. 

What are some of the fun things you do on vacation?

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