Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Record and Share Family Histories with iBiographer.com

Many years ago, one of my cousins sat down to write a family history. This was in the early days of the Internet when most of the information remained hard to find. When she emailed it to us, I was astounded at the level of effort it must have taken to put together a list of dates of births, marriages, and deaths.

I've since lost that family history my cousin put together and have considered creating one myself. As a busy working mom, I know technology will be the key to me being able to compile it. That's where www.iBiographer.com comes in.

With an iBiographer.com account I can create a family tree, add people to the tree, include the relationship status of the members (married, widowed, divorced, etc.), and then invite family and friends to complete the family tree or make any changes (requires registration.) The family tree can be kept private among family and friends or public so any iBiographer.com member can view it. Each registered member can create a biography, upload photos, videos or music to go along with their story, and print pages with photos to create books.

They offer several plans to fit every budget, including a FREE Bronze plan with 125MB Storage. With the Premium Plan members can create an event on the website that may include biographies, images, videos, and slideshows. Premium Plan members can invite and share an event with family and friends.

Now you can safely preserve memories and publish family stories online with the help of iBiographer.com.

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