Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How To Deal With Insecurity and Self Doubt by Amber Khan, Author of Guilt Free Motherhood: A 5-Step Guide to Reclaiming Your Time, Health & Well-Being

“Own your happiness. Reclaim your well-being. Make a guilt-free lifestyle, your choice of living!
· Do you think being a 'super mum' is your only option?
· Do you neglect your own health while caring for others?
· Do you struggle to maintain a happy work/life balance?
· Do you often feel stressed and burnt-out? Then you may be suffering from 'Mummy Guilt'.

Guilt Free Motherhood will guide you to:
· Ignite your passion to bring balance to your life;
· Take practical steps towards self-care;
· De-clutter your space, schedules and relationships;
· Let go of the 'super mum' and the 'control freak' inside of you;
· Practical ways of recharging your batteries.

A mother's journey should not be, and need not be, a GUILT trip. Guilt Free Motherhood gives you the tools you need to start living a more contented, healthy and energised lifestyle today - right in the midst of motherhood.”

How To Deal With Insecurity and Self Doubt
 by Amber Khan

Feeling insecure? Doubting yourself, your abilities, your beliefs, may be even your relationships?

At the end of the day, we all want the sweet taste of security. Well, the feeling of insecurity can crop up, any time of your life. If you are one of those working women finding it difficult to devote time to your personal life, the question of insecurity can shoot up a few notches.

You could be insecure about what you do, about what others feel for you, about what others do behind your back… the list could go on.

And truly, be it performance or productivity, everything will take a turn for the worse if you aren’t self-aware.

Psychological problems can appear out of nowhere and you might just be gaping at a hole far too deep to get out of.

So, what can you do to tackle insecurity?

Self-Awareness can work wonders. It’s simple. Analyze the cause of your insecurity. Is it fear, loss, rejection or inferiority? An action plan to fight your fears is the way forward. It will eliminate self-doubt and help get over the feeling of insecurity.

Exercising regularly does not only help regulate your body but your mind too. Blood rushing through your body can work wonders for your mental health. It’s easy – you can relax a more comfortable way when you are into exercising and in effect, think more clearly.

Everybody needs goals, and you could do with one too. Lack of direction can be a major source for insecurity to crop in. Try to find your focus but do remember – everybody is human. Don’t try to be a super woman. We need not be one to function effectively in any society.

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Amber Khan is a Lifestyle Mentor, Speaker, Author, sports enthusiast and a proud mum of three.

She is the founder of Guilt Free Living which provides tools for the mothers to help them live a fulfilling, healthy & energised lifestyle.

She has ran retreats, given talks and written articles on the importance of wellness and how to re-energise the tired minds and bodies of mothers.

Amber currently resides in London, UK with her husband and their three children.

Her latest book is the nonfiction/parenting/motherhood book, Guilt Free Motherhood: A 5-Step Guide to Reclaiming Your Time, Health & Well-Being.

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