Sunday, March 24, 2019

Book Reviews: Outrageous Authenticity and The Seven Deadly Sins of Sales

I met this author when she was speaking at a real estate convention. There is a reason she is called the No Bullshit Realtor®. Leigh Brown always tells it like it is--whether you like it or not. She does, however, tell you with humor and Southern charm.

In Outrageous Authenticity, Leigh shows you the importance of being true to yourself, and how being that authentic person will, ultimately, result in growing your business.

Leigh learned during the housing crisis that sitting down and telling people the way it was and helping people come up with a plan--even if it wasn't what they wanted to hear--earned her a lot of respect and repeat business. She is proof you don't have to use some script or tactic to grow your business. With Outrageous Authenticity, she inspires you to be the best you possible, so that your honesty and integrity become front and center.

Highly recommended!

In her second book, Leigh Brown shoots as straight from the hip as she did in Outrageous Authenticity. She goes through the "Seven Deadly Sins of Sales," some of which she herself has committed, and shares ways to solve these issues that are easy and make sense.

In true Leigh Brown style, her honesty will help transform your business with easy techniques. First she identifies your sins, and then dissects them one at a time, ending with key takeaways from each section. Leigh shows you how to go from sinner to saint and develop the good habits that will keep you happily selling and growing your business for years to come.

A notes section is included in the back. Maybe I'll use it to write down more about my own sins and how I'll use Leigh's tips to fix them.

If you're in sales, Leigh Brown should be on your list of authors to read.

I purchased both of these books at a real estate conference.   These reviews contain my honest opinions, which I have not been compensated for in any way.

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