Saturday, May 13, 2017

Diary of a Busy Mom - The Blessing of Trials

It's hard to believe that April 28 was my last post. I really miss blogging, but there has been little time for it. The real estate market is hot and I've had three new listings over the last few weeks. Two of them are already under contract: a sign of the limited housing inventory and how swiftly properties are moving. 

The house is a mess. I’m putting in twelve-hour days. My goal of bringing my office down to the first floor remains unachieved. Reading time is almost as non-existent as blogging time.

Over the last four weeks our family has traveled through and, thankfully, out of a valley. My husband was laid off. Both our cars needed expensive repairs. A dear friend passed away. But God is good! Hubby is back to work. Our friend’s son has been a sleepover guest. I had a chance to participate in my first Author’s Fair at the local library. We’ve had the joy of watching our girls’ concerts as the school year begins to wind down and our annual vacation to North Carolina is coming closer. We are hoping to plan a surprise for the Lil’ Diva’s sixteenth birthday too. Shhhhhh!

Life certainly is a mix of trials and blessings. We learn to praise God not only for the blessings, but for the trials as well. For without the trials, how could we ever come to appreciate how much He truly loves us? Would the blessings seem as sweet if we never traveled through a desert place? I can’t imagine they would. 

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