Thursday, March 23, 2017

Why I Love

Have any of you tried From the moment I heard about it, I've been hooked. Why?

I Save Time

I know buying staple items like paper towels, toilet paper, garbage bags, and even non-perishable food items like pasta are more expensive when you buy in small quantities at the grocery store. I've considered a membership to BJ's or Costco, but that means I have to make time in my already jam-packed schedule to shop at another store, deal with the hassle of finding what I want, and then drive back home--which is 25 minutes away.

With I sit down in the comfort of my own home and order the bulk items I need. A couple days later everything arrives on my doorstep.

I Save Money

Not only do I save money on everyday items I buy all the time, offers: free shipping on orders over $49 and cash rewards that can be applied to future orders. If a friend signs up through this link, my friend receives $15 off their first order of $60 or more and I also receive $15 in credit. There is no membership fee and they don't limit what type of credit card I can use.

Free Samples

When you place an order with you are eligible to receive two free samples. This month I chose some Easter candy and Dove deodorant. is going to give Amazon's subscription service some good competition. There are a few items I've already found cheaper on Online bulk shopping services like are also going to make things challenging for big bulk warehouse type stores.

Why would I do this?

When I can do this....

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