Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Busy Mom's Year in Review

We are heading into a new year tonight and that's the perfect time to consider the year we are leaving behind.

As far as business goes, it's been great:

I sold a little over $2.9 million in real estate in 2016. That's a 66% increase over last year. Honestly, I don't track my numbers religiously. It's the people I meet and help that motivate me to do more. My manager is the one who brought it to my attention as he was pulling year end reports. Not sure what 2017 will look like yet, but I've been refining my systems and setting up geographic farming to increase my productivity and numbers. My business plan is in order and I'll have my first business planning meeting of the new year coming up soon. 

In other exciting news, my third children's book was released. 

Though writing has taken a back seat to real estate, I'm still active in a local writing group, sit on the planning conference for the Write Angles Conference, and blog at a variety of sites. 

Thanks to the 21 Day Fix and my Beachbody® coach, I lost 14 pounds this year and got to my goal weight of 110. This has been a year of eating better, exercising more, and changing how I shop at the grocery store. 

At The Busy Mom's Daily we shared a handful of book reviews, some recipes, and a few tips along the way. We posted 29 Mailbox Monday posts and 5 Wordless Wednesday posts. The electronic newspaper, "A Busy Writer Mom's Daily," continues. I've made a few changes to content sources, so it might look different. 

As far as the family goes, the Lil' Diva is now 15 and the Lil' Princess is 13. How did I end up with two teenagers? They dance. They sing. The youngest plays soccer and violin. And though you can't tell from this photo, they are both beautiful. 

Then there is Dad--the guy who keeps us all together. He's the voice of reason amid the chaos. He's the dedicated family man who wakes up five days a week to put in 12 hours of work so that we can do what we like to do, support the charities we like to lend a hand to, and make sure we are well taken care of. 

We can't forget our furry beasts that give us so much joy and more than a few laughs.

A little elf told us that we will be adding a dog to the mix soon. 

As we head into the new year, it is my sincere prayer that it will be a year filled with blessings, health, and much happiness for all of you.

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