Wednesday, November 9, 2016

So Glad That's Over

Doesn't it seem like the 2016 election cycle lasted forever? Like many national elections, it was one crazy ride. In the end, we accept the hand we are dealt...just like always. (Well, some people protest and burn things:
In the age of social media that means we are "treated" in the days following the election with tweets, snapchats, Facebook and Instagram posts expressing glee or outrage over our president-elect. That's one of the downsides to having technology that allows us to post our innermost thoughts without the benefit of anyone being present to hear your tone of voice or see your facial expressions...or without fear of repercussions.

Our country seems more divided than ever. With every passing year the chasm widens and it's sad to witness. During his victory speech, Donald Trump stated it is time for us to "come together as one united people." One of the topics I've discussed with the kids throughout these past several months is how important it is for us to support "human" rights and for us to strive to make things better for everyone. Too often nowadays there is a focus on identifying yourself. For so long our country has frowned upon stereotypes, and yet, now we are encouraging our young people to categorize themselves.


Aren't we all unique individuals? From the moment of conception, isn't it true that no one will physically or emotionally be the same as anyone else? Should whether we are gay or straight, black or white, male or female ever define us?

I want a better country and world not just for my children and grandchildren, but for every person. I want a world where we are servants to each other; where we help each other and celebrate our differences rather than get into heated online debates that accomplish nothing. I want a country where the government serves all its people.

In the weeks and months ahead, I pray for a more positive online message. I'm tired of people bashing one another over ideals. I'm tired of the vulgarity of the discussions. We are a country of free speech, but can't we be more honorable and kind in how we exercise that freedom?

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