Friday, April 17, 2015

As A Busy Mom Thinks - Take the Politics Out of Education

Does anyone know when public education became more about politics than in providing quality education to our children? Maybe I'm naive, but shouldn't the children be our first priority?

The issue of Common Core has divided our little town and, as a result, one of the political committees has received some push back from members of the School Committee who are running for re-election. This will probably be one of the most exciting election cycles our town has seen in a while.

Having the privilege to serve on the District Curriculum Advisory Committee, I've learned a great deal since September. Being a member of this committee has been very eye-opening. And while Common Core is definitely a large part of our discussion, our interactions feel very different and more respectful than what I am seeing in other arenas.

Here's praying level heads continue to work for our children.

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